Spenser Confidential, An Overshadowed Non-Confidential Mystery

Before You Watch 

Detective Spenser arrives with his partner Driscoll to the home of Captain John Boylan. While questioning about the woman named Gloria Wiesnewski, and the tape footage of Wiesnewski’s murder leaked by Cosgrove, the confrontation gets heated, and Spenser beats Boylan senseless and was subsequently sent to prison.

After You Watched

Spenser Confidential is an action-comedy movie based on the cliché of good cops vs bad cops with typical twists of these types of movies. The problem is all of its twists are foreshadowed and can’t create any suspense or surprise.

Even though Spenser Confidential can’t be accepted as a remarkable police movie, some of the action scenes are still amazing and worth to watch as well as some of the fight scenes that are not rare in the movie.

It seems that Peter Berg was hoping that driving and fighting scenes can save the movie. As a result we see these scenes more than expected. Spenser is fighting from the first scenes to the end of the movie and getting beaten in a funny style that is in contrast with the violence of the scenes.

Actually the tone of Spenser Confidential is changing between a violent police movie and an action-comedy during the movie and this instability hurts the whole story.

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