Money Heist Season 3 & 4; A Heist by Adults

Despite all the disappointments in the season 1 and 2, Money Heist is still ranking number 4 in IMDB Most Popular TV Shows. It seems that if you have a good story to tell, no matter how bad you narrate or how bad your actors play, it still has the chance to be well-received by the audience.

Season 3 and 4 of Money Heist doesn’t have the advantage of telling a new story. They look more like a remake of previous seasons by another director. Actually, They have different directors as well as new casts and these changes have an obvious impact on the quality of seasons.

I think Alex Pina, the creator of the series paid attention to critics and tried to improve the flaws in season 1 and 2. The first 2 seasons suffered from several issues that created questions in the audience.

For example, why professor chose Berlin as the leader of the group while he knew that he is an unstable egoistic who can put the plan at risk? This question got answered in season 3. Berlin and Palermo planned the heist and that is why they have to be a part of the heist.

Not a bad excuse for having two psychos – Berlin and Palermo – as the leader of the group if we forget that professor said repeatedly in the first season that the plan belongs to his father who died in another bank robbery! This answer raises another question too: Why Palermo didn’t participate in the first robbery? Or why they didn’t rob the National banks they planned and planned the heist for national mint without Palermo?

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Another question was why professor gathered a bunch of unstable undisciplined kids to perform a risky but brilliant heist plan? There was no answer to this question but adding Bogota and Marsella as adults helped the season 3 and 4 look more serious. Actually, only Denver and Rio are still disturbing characters by their immature behaviors. Tokyo and Nairobi look more mature and disciplined in these seasons and as a result, we see less stupid fights between the main characters.

The main conflicts in season 1 and 2 happened between members of the team, not between them and police or hostages. In season 3 and 4, Gandia the bodyguard of the governor of the bank creates the main conflicts in the heist, and his presence as a threat to the team is very successful in keeping the audience in suspense.

Unlike the first 2 seasons, Professor is not a super mind that can predict all events and has a plan for every situation. Police defeated and deceived him a few times and this made the challenge more real. Alicia Sierra, the cruel negotiator is usually smarter than professor, and the fake execution of Raquel is the peak point of her superiority.

In fact, she plays a more important role in the story than Raquel as the partner and lover of professor and her role goes beyond her position as a negotiator when she confirms the torture as a regular procedure by police and intelligence service and traces professor to his hidden station.

It is not still surprising that these improved seasons are not as exciting and attractive for younger audience comparing to season 1 and 2. The reviews and comments by them show that they haven’t realized many of the mentioned flaws and even the stupidity of the main characters was interesting to them.

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