The Walking Dead Season 11; A New Adventure or Recycling Old Stories

The Walking Dead is among the most extended TV series that could keep most of its audience for ten seasons. They have been waiting for Season 11 for a long time, and now it’s time to solve the mysteries and answer the questions created in the last season. 

The new trailer of the series relies on the nostalgia of the previous seasons in the audience. It doesn’t show anything new but a few seconds of the contact between survivors and soldiers of the mysterious settlement.

The main questions among the fans of The Walking Dead are about Rick Grimes, his long absence and the way he is coming back to his people. Besides that, the other is about the settlement and why they haven’t tried to help the apocalypse survivors.

Hopefully, the answers are more convincing than what we saw in seasons 9 & 10. Still, we can predict that the cycle of events may occur again. The new settlement can be another safe place like those that collapsed before, and the conflicts between survivors and the new host may end like what happened to Rick’s previous hosts.

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