7 Must-Watch Movies & Series of the Week on Netflix

Netflix released more than 30 new movies and episodes of TV series this week. As usual, most of them are not must-watch movies to be your first choice on the network. Among new releases, there are 7 movies and series we recommend you to watch.

1. Black and Blue

The corruption is a motif used in some police movies from brilliant Serpico (1973) to an average movie like Spenser Confidential. But when you add racism and racial conflicts to corrupted cops, it may make a more attractive movie; particularly if it is released at the peak of the unrest in Minneapolis after a white cop murdered a black guy by kneeling on his neck.

And when you have Deon Taylor as the director who created Supremacy (2014) focused on racism and neo-nazi presence in the US, you already know what you are going to watch.

A rookie police officer witnesses two corrupt cops committing murder and she struggles to keep herself safe and lawful while her identity as a black female cop is under question by the black community around her.

2. Reckoning

Reckoning has a twisted plot that releases details of events and secrets of characters gradually. The suspense is stable and permanent in this mini-series and Sam Trammell’s brilliant performance helps the suspense develop further.

Mike is a troubled cop haunted by a cold case for so many years. The case was about murdered and mutilated teenage girls with tattoos. The return of the killer involves Mike again. He has to protect both his family and sanity in this challenge.

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3. Inhuman Resources

Sometimes the desperate situation in an ordinary life creates a tragedy for people who are not supposed to be involved. Inhuman Resources show Alain Delambre (Eric Cantona), a former HR manager who lost his job 6 years ago and his efforts for finding new jobs end in low-level jobs that can’t meet his family’s needs. Finally, he accepts to take part in a hostage planned by a big corporation. A decision that changes his life forever.

4. Dead to Me

If you enjoyed 2 Broke Girls series by Liz Feldman and want to see similar women’s friendship, adventures and secrets, Dead to Me is made for you. A series about a powerful friendship that blossoms between a wound widow and a free spirit woman with a shocking secret.

5. If after watching a nonsense movie like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino you still like to watch movies about old Hollywood, Hollywood by Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy will make your week. It is the story of young ambitious people who wanted to expand the capacity of the Hollywood movie industry.

6. Locke & Key

The mix of fantasy and horror involving kids and teenagers has a good record in movie industries and Locke & Key is a remarkable example of this genre.

Their father is murdered in a mysterious way and the three siblings and their mother move into their ancestral home called Keyhouse. They discover the house is full of magical keys probably connected to their father’s death.

7. White Lines

After his success in Money Heist, Álex Pina presents a different story. White Lines is the story of a woman who tries to solve the mysterious death of her brother, a famous DJ who disappeared from Ibiza many years ago; a story full of mysteries buried under 20 years of time.

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It happens on a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea named Ibiza. An island full of everything rich people needs; drugs, night clubs, gambling etc. A favorite place for young people who are not concerned by hidden secrets behind the luxury until they are faced with the real danger of being in that heaven.

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