What to Watch This Week on Netflix

There are some old and new releases on Netflix that we recommend them for your nights this week.

1. Old Guard

A few months ago, Extraction was a hit that showed mercenary movies are still more attractive than spy games and war movies. It seems that Old Guard is jumping on the same wave of action and adventure. Like Christopher Hemsworth in Extraction, Charlize Theron is at the center of the story. Still, instead of Sam Hargrave, who had a lot of experience in action movies, Gina Prince-Bythewood is directing the Old Guard. She has been consistently growing in her career and Beyond the Lights (2014) as been her best film so far. Still, she has not created any real hit.

2. The Frankenstein Chronicles

Penny Dreadful was the last show that had the story of Frankenstein in its fragmented structure. I believe it was the best among its tales. The Frankenstein Chronicles is different from Penny Dreadful in many ways. It is not stylish, and it doesn’t enjoy showing violence even though, the violence is the central motivator of the events.

The Frankenstein Chronicles has a slow rhythm that matches the real environment of the series. It is one of the best shows on Netflix for a more serious audience who enjoy thoughtful films.

3. Warrior Nun

If you enjoyed Continuum and Van Helsing, probably you would like to see another series created by Simon Barry.

Like many other superhero movies, Warrior Nun’s target audience is teenagers, but it doesn’t mean that older viewers don’t enjoy watching it. It is a fantasy movie with well-made action scenes suitable to watch when you are not into serious shows.

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4. Apostle

Even though there are some supernatural elements in Apostle, still we can consider it an anti-cult. Apostle happens in 1905, but the way it shows the ritual and regulations of the small community in an isolated island reminds viewers of medieval churches and inquisition.

The film has some disturbing and violent scenes, but they fit in its structure.

5. The Twelve

If you like a twisted plot that has many sub-plots to make it impossible to predict the end of a story, The Twelve is the best choice of the week for you. Two murders pinned on a woman and 12 juries who each one has an ordinary yet interesting story takes you to the labyrinth of The Twelve.

6. You

“You” is one of the under-rated series on Netflix. I haven’t seen any other movie or series that presents Tinder generation so clear and transparent. It could be a low-level series like Pretty Little Liars and attract the audience by sex and drama, but instead, “You” shows how the need for obsessive love leads characters to unbelievable crimes.

7. Black Sails

Do you remember Long John Silver and tales of pirates on the sea? Black Sails is a very different version of pirates’ stories. The first episodes may not satisfy most viewers, but soon it amazes you with non-stop adventures.

Black Sails has mixed piracy, colonialism, slavery, and politics in its plot and as a result, you will be surprised by many events in the show.

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