What to Watch On Netflix This Week? 7 Must-To-Watch!

As usual, we recommend a mix of old and new releases for the coming week. Some of these recommended items are related to racial conflicts and presents different views about it.

The Eddy (2020)

The Eddy is a bitter and passionate story about a club owner who struggles in managing the business and protects himself and other members of the club from the criminal environment of Paris. The multiracial atmosphere of The Eddy presents a new view of the capital of France.

IMDB gives the credit of the series to Jack Thorne as the creator, while Rotten Tomatos names six persons as executive producers: Damien ChazelleAlan PoulJack ThorneGlen BallardPatrick SpenceKatie Swinden.

I really don’t get the logic behind this kind of details about the cast and crew of the movies and series. It seems the position of directors have gone far low that even you need to look for them in Full Cast & Crew section. Instead, we have creators now who usually have written some parts of series but considered more significant than directors or producers in the last decades.

Anyway, among the name of directors (or as Rotten Tomatos calls them executive producers), Damien Chazelle is the most well-known one. He has Whiplash & La La Land in his record. It intrigues viewers to compare episodes directed by him to other episodes of the series.

The Punisher (2017)

After watching a few minutes of The Punisher, you may say “Oh …. Another revenger vigilante”. You are right, but this TV series keeps its high quality of action to the end. Jon Bernthal fits in the character of Franck Castle. Someone who is trying to stand against injustice and can’t stay out of trouble. He feels responsible for everyone around him, and his braveness surprises his enemies.

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Steve Lightfoot, the creator of The Punisher, has two other great series in his records as a producer: Hanibal (2013) and Narcos (2016). I couldn’t find any taste or style that is mutual in The Punisher with the other two, but I can assure you will enjoy watching all of them.

Stateless (2020)

Cults and stateless people and immigration have been growing issues in the last decade. Stateless presents a touching narrative of people who experienced being trapped in dead-end situations without any hope to escape from it.

Racism and cultural conflicts have significant roles in the series. It shows itself on every aspect of characters’ lives; even for Sofie Werner, a white detainee who prefers to be refugee than revealing her own identity.

Cate Blanchett who doesn’t have a significant role as an actress produced six episodes of the series.  Tony Ayres, who reminds us of Glitch (2015-2019) is among creators of the Stateless and Elise McCredie who plays as Diane, is the writer and creator of six episodes.

Seven Seconds (2018)

This ten episodes series is presenting events similar to what happened in 2020 in many cities of the United States. White cops injure a black teen brutally, and it enrages black community of city against racial injustice.

Veena Sud who has The Killing in her record, s the creator of this mini-series (2011-2014). Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) and Mireille Enos (World War Z) are playing the main characters.

Love, death and Robots (2019)

Nothing is as limitless and free as animation in the film industry. And Love, Death & Robots is the peak of creative imagination in making the animation. This series is a collection of animated short stories that are not related together. They are created based on the charactristics of different genres, including science-fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy. Don’t miss it.

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Black Earth Rising (2018)

For those like me who like British series, Black Earth Rising is a must-to-watch. As a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, Kate, whose adoptive mother, an international lawyer, gets involved in an international criminal case that takes her to the heart of the disaster.

The plot of the series starts from personal revenge but goes beyond what happened to Kate and her family. It gradually reveals a more significant political scandal.

Living With Yourself (2019)

This is neither a bitter absurdist story nor a situation comedy, but it has some taste of both. That is why some people call it an existential comedy. Miles Elliot is an unsatisfied man who can’t bear who he is. He decides to undergo a treatment to transform into an improved version of himself. As you may guess, some side-effects create hilarious situations. Miles has to reach a deal with his old-self to be able to have his life and family safe.

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