The Sinner: Another Mysterious Deadly Sin

After a long wait, The Sinner is coming back on Netflix with the third season in the coming months.

The Sinner is a crime series with all elements of the cliché of this genre; a crime, a detective and a mystery to solve. And yet it’s still unique by the different approach to the common elements of the genre.

The crime is usually brutal and unordinary in The Sinner and mostly comes with a feeling of a deadly sin; a phrase used in Christian context pointing to unforgiven sins. The detective gets involved in every case emotionally. His empathy towards the victim and the criminal gives him a passion for understanding them rather than judging them.

Season 3 includes 8 episodes that already showed on USA Network in February and March 2020. Netflix is behind as usual in some attractive items like The 100 and The Sinner.

In the new season, Matt Bomer joins the cast. He is most known for playing a role in American Horror Story and White Collar which is not on Netflix since 2018.

The Sinner

Bill Pullman is still at the center of series with his sad smiles. Jessica Biel who played brilliantly in the first season is returning for the third season but as a surprise, she will be working only as a producer. Chris Messina from HBO’s Sharp Objects is still in the cast as Nick Haas.

Detective Harry Ambrose once again starts a new investigation that looks like a routine one but becomes one of the most dangerous cases of his career.

Outside of the United States, The Sinner is a Netflix Original for most countries. Netflix exclusively distributes the show and will attract a huge audience even though it is launching the season 3 much later than the US.

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It seems that The Sinner season 3 will be available outside of the US on June 19th, 2020.

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